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What it’s really like to live in Las Vegas

My first visit to Las Vegas in 1994 cemented my destiny …. .….after 2 days I decided I wanted to live in Las Vegas. The energy of the Sin City was undeniable….and it felt so good. Two years later I was on the plane from London bound for Vegas….
20 years later I'm still living in Las Vegas and still enjoy it .
Viva Las Vegas
Here is what I love about Vegas.

About 294 Sunny Days per year. The fact that 81 % of the calendar is full of Sun and Clear Blue skies is Wonderful Thing 🙂
Especially that I get very moody on the gray days. The temperature during summer often exceeds 100 degrees – but most of the year is not.
As I really don't like being cold, this is the perfect climate for me. When people freezing their butts off anywhere else winter time I'm hiking wearing just a sweatshirt and bathing in the afternoon sun.


Most people only know The Strip in Las Vegas. Within relatively short distance about 90 minutes are some beautiful places like Red Rock Canyon National Conservative Area, Lake Mead and The Hoover Dam. Mount Charleston another great escape about half an hour from The Strip. provides snow in the winter and cooler days during our summer. The Mt Charleston Resort provides rooms and cabins if you decide to spend a night. If you have time you can drive within 5 hours to The Grand Canyon, St George, Zion National Park, Utah, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley National Park and Brian Head Ski Resort or if you want to go to the beach you can drive in 5 hours to Los Angeles or San Diego and all the small cities in between. I love Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. Living in Las Vegas you are a very short distance from all the great escapes, it's all depends what you want to do. Vegas is an outdoor lover's paradise. We have 52 peaks surrounding the Las Vegas Valley only an hour away. There is also kayaking, hiking, skiing, mountain biking and horseback riding.


There are amazing restaurants on the Strip but there are many of them away from the Strip where only locals tend to frequent….and they are more affordable.
I will introduce my favorite ones in my next post. Las Vegas is a 24-hour town…..this give you a certain freedom….you can wake up in the middle of the night and go shopping, have a drink, or even a smoothie….Do you need a drink at 4 am ? More likely not, but the point is You Can ……Freedom! We have 24- hour bars, grocery stores, pharmacies, athletic clubs, restaurants, Starbucks and more. Almost nothing closes in Las Vegas. Wonder Vegas! And the one thing that never closes ….Casinos…We have many local Casinos with great restaurants and fabulous entertainment.


Thanks in large part to Zappos' CEO Tony Hsieh, downtown has changed dramatically. Down town Vegas used to be a place most locals would avoid. Not anymore! There is so much to see and do in downtown Las Vegas. The new Downtown Las Vegas Events Center is becoming the premier outdoor concert venue in the city. Check it out at vegasexperience.com.


There is a surprising amount of ethnic diversity. We have large ethnic Latino and Asian populations. We also have many Hawaiians . Hawaiians and Las Vegans sometimes refer to Las Vegas as the ” Ninth island of Hawaii “. This is great because it gives people the chance to experience different things. It means more 24- hour Grill & Cantinas, Asian Buffets and Hawaiian Barbeques….
Not everyone in Vegas works in the casino. There are about 2 million people in Las Vegas Valley, but more than 300.000 of those people work in the hospitality industry. The remaining employable adults, a large chunk of them work in the hospitality support services like construction, health care, some own local businesses, and the rest work for Zappos….Most of us living in Vegas are not originally from Nevada. We like the fact that there is no other city in the planet Earth like ours.
We smile when visitors say 90 degrees is hot, when they ask questions like ” People really live in Las Vegas ?” …There is whole other aspect to Las Vegas….there are others things to come to than The Strip. We have many places where you can nourish your soul like healthy fares, farmers markets, yoga studios, meditations centers, art galleries. The serenity of the blue skies, morning sunshine desert mountains is breathtaking ….and is why I love Las Vegas.

Wonder Binnie

Las Vegas USA

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