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Empire Garage Door

Empire Garage Doors - Not all Garage Doors are Created Equal
Empire Garage Doors - Not all Garage Doors are Created Equal

Our Services

  • broken springs​
  • cracked, bent or bowing panels
  • off-track doors
  • rollers
  • loose cables
  • broken gears
  • worn weather stripping
  • broken hinges
  • remote control and keypad programming and replacements
  • ​complete replacement of garage door openers and doors


Our technicians have solid backgrounds in all repairs and installations of overhead residential garage doors. 

You will receive the benefit of our experience that's been acquired year after year, job after job to assist you in your decision for your garage door needs.

Garage Doors Not Created Equal

It's easy to take a garage door for granted, it goes up, it goes down - right? Not exactly. Garage doors close the largest opening in your house, so it's worth asking the right questions before you buy. 

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Business Address

Business Address

7705 Composer Way
Las Vegas NV 89145