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Kids in the Attic Design & Print
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Kids in the Attic Design Plus Print

Kids in the Attic Design and Print
Kids in the Attic

Kids in the Attic Owners[/caption]Founded in 2011, frustrated with the way their Art school and “the industry” wanted them to follow the mold and fit into the boring design workforce, Kids In The Attic was started by two innovative graphic designers who did not want to be just another cookie cutter design agency.

Kids in the Attic Owners
Kids in the Attic

Both have 25+ years experience working in corporate design and the print field. Leaving the corporate world they both have been doing freelance for a number of years and have aqcuired a unique catalog of clients. After having witnessed the lack of style and substance they decided to start Kids In The Attic to further assist their clients in translating their brand visually in different mediums.

Why the name “Kids In The Attic”? It was better than “Designers In a Cave”. It was just an inside joke that became an identity because we were always at work “in the cave/attic”.

Main objective: To enjoy what we do and give quality product to those in need of our services.

Some of our techniques are listed below.

Fashion/Soft Hand
Current ink technology makes this a breeze on white or light garments with the use of fashion soft base additives and water-based inks. Distressed and/or vintage prints are more authentic when printed with soft inks.

Plasticharge is a hybrid of Discharge and plastisol ink. The discharge portion of the ink will remove the garment color while at the same time the plastisol ink will lay down a thin deposit of new color. The finished print very light and soft to the touch.

Reflective Ink
Reflective ink is highly reflective when exposed to light. Recommend that all the reflective ink used in a design be either outlined or surrounded by other print colors to improve.


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Kids In the Attic, Windy Road, Las Vegas, NV, USA
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