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Spine Wellness Center of Las Vegas

One of the numerous acute and chronic health problems that have responded to Upper Cervical Corrective Health Care!

Thousands of sufferers are now realizing the benefits of Upper Cervical Chiropractic despite there being so few of these Upper Cervical Doctors!

Dr Lisa Strickland DC
Dr. Lisa Strickland

Brain health and healing messages leave the brain by way of the brain stem, pass through the neck, down the spinal cord and out over the entire nervous system, to all parts of the body. These brain messages control, maintain and monitor all body functions. Auto accidents, falls, whiplash, bump on the head, sports injuries, or even a difficult birthing process can cause muscles and ligaments on one side of the neck to contract and hold the head and neck in a misaligned position.

When the head (10-14 Ibs.) is shifted off the center of the top of the neck, the rest of the body will compensate for the shift of weight. The spine and pelvis will twist causing one shoulder to drop down, one hip is pulled up, bringing the leg with it to create body imbalance. (Short leg) The stress and tension can cause migraines, neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee and other body pain. This head/neck misalignment can disrupt or distort the efficient flow of brain messages to the body. This leads to the development of numerous health problems. The Corrective Procedure is designed to correct head/ neck misalignment. The Upper Cervical Corrective Procedure is designed to restore the body's natural ability to regain and maintain optimal health. It is a chiropractic specialty.

Doctor Skill - The doctor will make precision x-rays of the head and neck. These x-rays will show the degree of head/neck misalignment and enable the doctor to develop a correction formula that is individual to each patient. The doctor will use this corrective formula to restore head/neck alignment and reactivate the body's natural ability to regain and maintain optimum health. This corrective procedure is barely felt by the patient and requires no forceful twisting, pulling or jerking motion.

As soon as the correction is made, muscles begin to relax, oxygen and blood circulation is increased, the immune system is enhanced and immediately the body begins its natural self healing process. On follow up visits, the doctor will help the patient maintain their alignment correction to prevent any interruption in the body's natural self healing process until it is complete. The results can be dramatic and some patients report immediate relief of symptoms. Restricted flow of brain health and healing messages to the body will lead to the development of acute and chronic health problems.

Long Term Benefits - The efficient flow of brain health and healing messages to all parts of the body is the key to optimum health and a better quality of life. Upper Cervical Corrective Health Care is the Ultimate in Total Wellness! It is changing the way we can get well and stay well, without the use of harmful drugs and painkillers.

Dr. Lisa Strickland - She has loved practicing in the Las Vegas area since 2004 as an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. Dr. Strickland grew up in the Las Vegas area. She pursued chiropractic as a career after experiencing continuous low back pain and tension headaches at a young age. She graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2003.

In the past year, the addition of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, using the best technology, the DRX-9000. Over the years, she has helped many people enjoy a pain-free lifestyle, now with the DRX-9000 she is able to help even more people. Dr. Strickland’s passion is understanding the body’s natural ability to self-heal and self-regulate when given the appropriate information. Prior to being a chiropractor, Dr. Strickland was a massage therapist which really helped to understand how the body unravels as it receives much needed bodywork.

In Dr. Strickland’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family which includes her husband and 2 children. Dr. Strickland loves watching the excitement of life that she can see with her children. She also enjoys learning healthy cooking and teaching her kids how to make better choices with food. Dr. Strickland and her husband plant a garden every spring at their home, in which the family enjoys the fresh vegetables throughout the summer.

3085 East Russel Rd Ste E
Las Vegas
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Spine Wellness Center of Las Vegas

3085 E Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120, USA

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