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  • Personal - Self promotion (artists, bakers, nutritionists, singers, painters, sculptors, designers, photographers, etc...)
  • Blogger - We would like Wonder Vegas to be like a public square for conversations about Las Vegas and any subjects concerning the local community. Do you enjoy writing? Do you want to be heard? Do you want exposure? If the answer is Yes! We welcome you to contribute to our blog!
  • Upcoming Events - Would you like to post a local event? Please submit it one week in advance or sooner and it will be posted in our Events category.

The Benefits of WonderVegas.com

Here at WonderVegas.com we believe in taking the approach that benefits everybody. We are here for you. Below are just some of the things we offer.
  • Do you own a business in the greater Las Vegas area and can't afford to advertise?
  • Are you an artist, singer, novelist or have some other special talent you would like to share?
  • Have you ever had the desire to create your own blog about Las Vegas, share local stories, people, places and events that are unique to Vegas, or just tell others about the great times you've had?
  • Some people have the desire to help others in anyway they can. If you have a charity whether it's for the underprivileged, animal shelter, etc. WonderVegas.com welcomes you.
If you answered yes to any of the above then join us now. Become a member and list your business. Tell us about your talents or charity and anything else that may come along by filling out our Membership Form at no cost to you. The only thing we would like you to do as a Member of Wonder Vegas (if you provide the service to others) give something special to your customers - discounts, Specials Offers. We will update, remove or change your special offers for you as long as you leave them on your page for a minimum of three weeks. Your customers will appreciate your willingness to give to the local community. By doing this you will attract more sells and create more fans of your business. We will have new levels of Membership in the future where you will be able to expand advertising of your business even further. WonderVegas Team welcomes you with enthusiasm. We look forward to great local connections we will be able to provide for you... If you know somebody who has given you excellent service and you think deserves a recognition........Please let us know. We would love to have them on our website too.

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